This Global Management Track is divided into several sub-areas.

Fundamental Management Courses
Subjects dealing with basic knowledge of market and corporate management that need to be understood a student of business management.
(courses) Fundamentals of Management, Mathematics of Management, Principles of Economics, Management Statistics, Principles of Accounting, Corporate Law, Global Understanding, International Management
Areas dealing with a series of decision-making and management practices related to the financing, investment, and use of funds required for corporate organizations.
(courses) Financial Management, Theory of Investment, Corporate Finance, Financial Market Theory, Theory of Derivatives, International Financial Management
A study of any business activity that distributes products and services to consumers while meeting their customers' diverse needs and wants as much as possible.
(courses) Principles of Marketing, Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC), Product Development and Marketing, Consumer Behavior, Brand Management, Service Marketing
Divided into Organizational Theory, which deals with the management process of organizations, and Human Resources Management, which includes recruitment, promotion, training, and labor-management relations within the organization; and Organizational Theory, which is further divided into Macro-organization, dealing with organizational environments, strategies, and changes, and Micro-organization, which studies human psychology and behavior.
(courses) Organizational Behavior, Management Strategy, Human Resources Management, Leadership, Organizational Structure, Innovation and Strategy, Labor Relations
Decision Science
A study of various metrical decision-making techniques and scientific management through mathematical description of management phenomena and theories.
(courses) Understanding of E-Business, Venture Management, Production Operation Management, Management Information System, Management Science
Integrative Courses
Problems encountered on the management scene, and issues that require decision making often result in a combination of problems in many areas. Consequently, this course consists of subjects that will foster the ability to integrate and apply knowledge that is learned in the courses above.
(courses) Study of Management Topics, Study of Global Management, Independent Study.