경영한류를 꿈꾸는 글로벌 경영인재의 산실 가천대학교 글로벌경영학트랙 경영한류를 꿈꾸는 글로벌 경영인재의 산실 가천대학교 글로벌경영학트랙

Welcome to the homepage of the Department of Global Business at Gachon University!

Since 2013 when we launched this specialized department of Gachon University, our Department of Global Business has attempted to provide a paradigm-shifting business education by fostering talents with outstanding skills, a global mindset, and an ethical sense of world citizenship. To achieve this goal, professors with outstanding research and education backgrounds in diverse areas of business administration have been guiding each student attentively, with passion and sincerity. In line with the global trend of shifting education paradigms, we have continued to promote innovative lectures and education, including classes where students participate and discuss one another.

In addition, to help students develop their skills, the department has provided various programs during the school years, such as scholarship system, global exchanges (including exchange students, Silicon Valley internship programs), industry field training, and extracurricular activities. Hope that you find useful contents at our website.

We look forward to seeing young talented people learn global business here at Gachon!

Department ChairKANG, SEUNG-WAN