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Kang, Seung-Wan

Ph.D. in Business (Organizational Behavior), Yonsei University

Before joining Gachon University, he was an assistant professor at Korea University (Sejong). He worked as a business professional in SK Telecom and Oracle for 15 years. His research interests include organizational behavior, leadership, and motivation. His work has appeared in Human Resource Management (Financial Times Top 50 Journal), Personnel Review, Knowledge Management Research & Practice, Psychological Reports, and elsewhere.

Kwon Ji Ho

Before joining Gachon, he was an economist at the Bank of Korea. He worked for the Bank of Korea, especially in the monetary, research and financial stability department for 9 years. His research and teaching interests are empirical asset pricing, financial econometrics and Fintech. His works have been published in Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions and Money, Finance Research Letters, and Journal of Management and Economics.

Kim, Dongyoup

Ph.D. in Business (Marketing), KAIST

His primary research interests are in consumer psychology, information processing, and behavior, especially in the post-purchase stage. His research appeared in academic journals such as Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, Journal of Services Marketing, and Current Psychology, etc.

Jin, Shanyue

Ph.D. in Business (Finance), Yonsei University

Before joining Gachon, she was an assistant professor at Kookmin University. Her research interests include corporate finance, corporate governance, investments and Chinese security market. Her work has appeared in Journal of management & rganization, Journal of Financial Studies, Management Research, Modern China Research, etc.

Kim, Tae-eun

Ph.D. in Business(Marketing & Advertising), Peking University, China

Before Joining Gachon University, She lectured at Kookmin University, Kyung-hee University, Dongguk University, and many more other higher educational institutions. She research interests include Marketing Communication, Consumer Behavior, Advertising Industry, Digital Media and Cultural Industry Management. Her work has appeared in The Korean Journal of Advertising, Korean Journal of Consumer and Advertising Psychology, Journal of Outdoor Advertising Research, and elsewhere. She has served as a director at several associations, including the Korea Advertising Society and the Korea Association of Ad&PR, and is currently the editorial director of the Advertising Research.

Kim, Hann Earl

Ph.D. in Management, University of Pennsylvania (Wharton School)

His research and teaching interests are strategic management, innovation management, and global strategy. In particular, he is interested in the topic of innovation: industry evolution, disruptive innovation, business model innovation, BoP(base of the pyramid), and creativity. His research has been published in academic journals like Organization Science. Before joining Gachon in 2016, he served on the faculty of Australian Graduate School of Management (University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia), KDI School of Public Policy and Management, and Hongik University.

Kim, Hee Jin

Ph.D. in Business (Marketing) Korea University

Before joining Gachon, she worked as a brand manager in P&G Korea and Japan for 10 years. Her main research area includes buyer behavior, decision making and consumer evaluation of brands, products and promotional offers. She is particularly interested in how non-central, contextual factors influence consumers’ choice and behavior. Her works have appeared in Marketing Letters and Psychological reports.

Song, Bomi

Ph.D. in Business Administration (Accounting), Seoul National University

Before joining Gachon, she worked at the accounting firm, Samil PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) in Seoul. Her research interests are primarily in the areas of tax accounting, auditing and corporate governance. She received the grand prize at 2018 ‘Korean Accounting Journal’ Best Research Award, hosted by the Korean Accounting Association, and the grand prize at the 15th ‘Korean Management Review’ Best Research Award, hosted by the Korean Academic Society of Business Administration, in 2015. She is also a licensed CPA, and a member of the Korean Institute of Certified Public Accountants (KICPA) and the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA).

Shin, Il Hang

Ph.D. in Business (Accounting), Yonsei University

Before joining Gachon, he was an assistant professor at Chonbuk National University. He worked for Samil PwC and other accounting firms for 11 years. His primary research interests lie in accounting behavior in business group affiliation(chaebol). His works have been published in Asia-Pacific Journal of Accounting & Economics, Asia-Pacific Journal of Financial Studies and elsewhere. He is also a KICPA(a member of the Korean Institute of Certified Public Accountants), a CIA (Certified Internal Auditor) and a CISA(Certified Information System Auditor)

Shim, Hyeongsop

Ph.D. in Business (Finance), University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee

His research and teaching interests are corporate finance and entrepreneurial (venture) finance: Capital Structure, Initial Public Offerings, Mergers and Acquisitions. His extended research interests encompass some topics in Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility: the impact of STEM PhD board directors on firm performance and the impact of internal consistency of CSR policy on credit rating. He has published articles in many academic journals such as Asia-Pacific Journal of Financial Studies, Applied Economics Letters, Korean Journal of Accounting Research, International Review of Finance (forthcoming). He used to work at Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST) as assistant professor before he joined Gachon University in 2018.

Yang, Yi

Ph. D. in (International Business), Yonsei University

Her research topics and publications include post-management of cross-border M&As, competence and growth of multinational enterrises in emerging countries, localization strategies of MNEs, and international human resources management.
She has pulished research papers in SSCI and KCI journals. She teaches courses including International Strategy, International Management, Business in Emerging Countries, etc.

Yan, Jinzhe

Ph.D. Candidate in Business Administration (Marketing), Sungkyunkwan University

Before joining Gachon, he was a visiting professor at Sungkyunkwan University and a lecturer at Kyung Hee University. His primary research interests are in Marketing Strategy, Marketing Modeling, China Marketing, Big Data Marketing, Analytic Modeling, and C2C Platform. His works have been published in Sustainability, Korea Business Review, etc.

Yoo, Jinyoung

Ph.D. in Advertising (Marketing Communication), University of Texas at Austin

Her research interests are in multicultural advertising, multicultural consumer behavior and psychology, consumer ethnocentrism, and international brand marketing. She has published articles in many academic journals such as Journal of Advertising, Journal of Business Research, Journal of Global Marketing, Journal of Marketing Communications, etc.

Lee, Seunghoon

MBA at Haas school(Technology Marketing), University of California at Berkeley

After working in management consulting for 10 years, I transitioned into the Internet and Telecom sectors holding various executive positions at CJ, Interpark, and SK Telecom. I have a passion for companies leveraging the Internet to create new and disruptive business models.
In my most recent position, I was a strategic advisor to the Chairman of CJ Group, one of Korea's largest conglomerates. I helped with strategy across its media, content, food, and e-commerce subsidiaries.
Now as the professor, give a lecture on Internet platform, covering Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Apple along with new Internet platform such as Uber and Airbnb. Along with giving lecture help various firms to develop strategies in e-commerce, content and Internet application business.

Lee, Yong Joo

Ph.D. in Business (Management Science), Columbia University at New York

After he got Ph.D. degree from Columbia University, he worked in Daewoo Economic Research Institute as a head of Industrial Research Department and then worked as a professor in Ewha Womans University. He has joined the faculty of Gachon Universtiy in 2013. His research interests are in Mathematical Programming, Queueing Models and Simulation that are applied to various problems of industries. His works have been published in Operations Research, International Journal of Production Economics, Expert Systems with Applicatons, Journal of Transport Policy and many others

Lee, Jae-Ram

Ph.D. in Business (Finance), KAIST

He has been studying market microstructure issues in the Korean index derivative markets. For example, he has demonstrated the common movement in KOSPI200 index futures and options markets and explored the performance of foreign investors. Additionally, he intends to explain the relationship between the inventory asset growth rate and stock return using the neoclassical model framework. His previous works have been published in Pacific-Basin Finance Journal, Journal of Futures Markets, Asian Economic Journal, etc.

Yi, Jisu

Before joining Gachon University, she worked as an assistant professor at Sejong University.
She also worked at Kookmin bank for three years. Her research focuses on digital marketing and the quantitative modeling of consumer behaviors in the content and high-tech business.
She won the grand prize at ‘2019 Doctoral Consortium Doctoral Dissertation Competition’ hosted by the Korean Society of Consumer Studies. She has published articles in many academic journals including Journal of Business Research, Information Processing & Management, Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing & Logistics, etc.

Lee, Hoseung

Ph.D. in Mathematics, Vanderbilt University

Before joining Gachon University this year, he has been working on mobile health, medical devices and bio/medical informatics for generating new cash cow at Samsung Electronics. The following are some of his achievements there

New business Incubation, Mobile health : Initiated the very first mobile health project on 2004 with Humana in US and by 2016, the annual revenue growth for mobile health is 12% on average.

S/W Development, Bio/Medical Informatics: Led the Bio/Medical Informatics Lab at Samsung SDS and built the DNA chip data analysis system and the solution for consumer genetic clinics with MSKCC at New York.

M&A, Medical device: Participated in the group-wide task force team for spawning medical device business and coined the strategic plan for securing ultrasound system in Korea, Medison.

He is currently teaching courses like, startup incubation, entrepreneurship, new product development and venture management. Also he tries to establish couple of Blockchain startups by the end of this year or early next year.

Jeon, Seongmin

Ph.D. in Business (Management Information Systems), Seoul National University

Prior to Gachon, he served for IBM and Samsung as an e-business consultant and had an experience to found his own company. He has two major areas of expertise: 1) empirical analysis on electronic marketplace, and 2) the use of data science methods to extract, process, and analyze online data. His works have been published in peer-reviewed journals including Journal of Interactive Marketing, Information & Management, Electronic Commerce Research Analysis and Carbon Management.

Chun, Sungju

Ph.D. in Business (Finance), Boston University

Before joining Gachon, he worked as a research fellow in the Korea Insurance Research Institute. His research interests include empirical asset pricing, investments, applied financial econometrics, and international finance. His works have appeared in Journal of Empirical Finance, Applied Economics, Journal of Money and Finance, and Journal of Insurance and Finance.

Jo, Sung Jun

Ph.D. in Human Resource Development, University of Minnesota at Twin Cities

Prior to joining to Gachon, he was a professor of management at Utica College, NY, USA. He had conducted several studies that applied social network analysis method. His research topics of interest include social capital, social network, collaboration in organization, and management history. Recently he has developed research in ethical issues in management ethics.

Kyuyeong Choi

Ph.D. in Business (Marketing), Florida State University.

He received his Ph.D. from Florida State University (FSU) and master’s and bachelor’s degrees from Kyung Hee University. His research interests are mainly “structural interfirm complexity, interorganizational collaboration/learning, innovation within global supply chain, marketing capability, international business/marketing, and MNCs.” By using various analytic skills and techniques such as SEM, PLS, SFA, auto-scraping skills, etc., his work and multiple publications have appeared in international business and marketing areas (IBR, IMR, etc). He has been working on multiple projects related to Alibaba platform, airline customer satisfaction and complaints, methodological sensitivity between CBSEM and PLS.

Choi, MyungCheol

Ph.D. in Business (Human Resource Management & Strategy Management), Tsinghua University, China.

Before joining Gachon, he was an assistant professor at CheJu Halla and Baeseok University.
His research interests include Organizational Behavior, Leadership, Work Value, Cultural Intelligence, Chinese Economy, Chinese Business and Cross Cultural Management. His work has appeared in Science of Science and Management of S&T(CSSCI), International Business Management, The Journal of Sinology, The Journal of Chinese Studies, The Journal of Human Resource Management, The Review of Business History and elsewhere.

Choi, Brian Sungsup

Ph.D. in Business (Finance), University of Wisconsin at Madison

Before joining Gachon, he was an assistant professor at City University of New York/Baruch College. His research interests include dynamic asset pricing, derivatives, and term structure of interest rates. His work has appeared in Finance Letters, Business and Finance Affairs, Journal of College Teaching and Learning, Corporate Business Research, Korean Journal of Financial Management, Asian-Pacific Journal of Financial Studies, Transport Policy and so forth

Han, Joo-Hee

Ph.D. in Business (International Business), Ewha Womans University

Before joining Gachon, she was a research professor at Ewha Womans University and had years of experience as a lecturer. Her research interests include corporate governance, boards of directors, CEO, top management teams (TMTs), executive compensation, strategic change, and collective intelligence. Her works have appeared in Journal of Strategic Management, East and West Studies, Journal of Information Technology Applications & Management, and The Korean Journal of Human Resource Management and so on.

Chang, Yu Sang

Ph.D. in Business (Management Science), Washington University

Choi, DoSung

Ph.D. in Business (Finance), Pennsylvania State University

Hwang, sung sik

Ph.D. in Management Engineering, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology


Doctor’s degree in Interdisciplinary program of Arts at Sungkyunkwan University

Fang, Xiuqing

Ph.D. in Arts (Applied Arts), Kyung Hee University